Instinct may know more than we do.

We tend to think of our brain as our organ of cognition. We may believe that senses and stimuli register first in the brain.

But surprisingly, what we experience often registers initially in our gut and then in our heart. We have cognitive function in both areas.

The gut area is the lower energy center. How often have we said, “I knew in my gut that it wasn’t safe.”

The middle energy center resides in our heart. “I knew in my heart that something felt off.”

The upper energy center is located in the region of the third eye. “I believe that I’m protected by the divine.”

So: gut = physical existence, heart = feelings, third eye = spiritual consciousness. When we’re aware of input at all three levels, we’re more consciously aware in our physical bodies.

Most of us aren’t very practiced at paying attention to the messages we receive from our guts and our hearts. But they bring us valuable information, often data that can’t be expressed well as words.

Today’s message reminds me that the more we learn to pay attention to all our incoming input, the more fully I can live life. With the balanced information from all three energy centers, I can make better choices in life.

Please reflect and share. Do you pay attention to what your gut and heart tell you?