Look back and smile.

At the end of a year, we get retrospective. Reflecting on what was, we may feel sentimental and sometimes regretful.

We’ve had ups and downs, suffered losses, gone through changes, been caught unaware, and been mystified. Some of these shifts were good for us, others didn’t feel that way.

Often, the unhappy occurrences stick with us and come to mind more readily. We may feel relieved to see the end of the current year and may be hopeful for a better New Year.

Certainly, if we’re honest with ourselves, the current year wasn’t an unrelieved streak of utter disasters. Good things did happen, and blessings did come to us.

When we’re grateful for the good, we’re more likely to attract similar gifts from Creation. Just like us, Creation responds more positively to thankfulness than to whining.

Today’s message reminds me to make a mental list of all the wonderful events I experienced this year, some of them happy surprises. When I think back on all of this year’s blessings with gratitude, I position myself to be blessed again in the coming year.

Please reflect and share. What three blessings did you encounter this year?