You can do it!

Often, we may think of goals as all or nothing propositions. We count success as hitting the target on all levels and tend to think of partial success as failure.

Fear of not totally succeeding (and often we expect rather quick results) can keep us from even trying. If we don’t try at all, we can reason that we’re simply procrastinating. If we make an attempt and don’t have a complete win, we may feel we’re a total failure.

In reality, partial success is just that—getting part of the way to our goal. It’s not complete success, but it is definitely an improvement over nothing.

A big goal can represent a series of modest successes. If we fail at a portion of the achievement, we can always try again, perhaps using what we’ve learned to improve our efforts.

Today’s message encourages me to try out new goals and be willing to fail, at least temporarily, sometimes. The only true failure for me is to be too afraid to try.

Please reflect and share. What postponed goal might you be willing to attempt in stages?