Prepare for a good shift.

Year’s end has many of us thinking how we would like things to change in the coming year. We want to lose weight, get fit, make more money, have happier relationships, or feel healthier.

Often, we place an onus on ourselves because we feel lack of these qualities must be out fault somehow. We want change, but we’re coming at it from a punitive mindset.

We’re unlikely to see positive shifts while we’re feeling negative. So, we need to lose any self-blame or doubt.

We may also believe our desired changes will involve hard work on our part. That might be true, but then again it might not. We tend to get what we expect in life, so why not assume the alterations will be easy?

We may have the tendency to think we don’t deserve good things. Any efforts we make will be less successful if we’re shackling ourselves with self-worth issues. Let’s assert that we’re worthy of happiness and success.

Today’s message invites me to prepare the seedbed for change with clarity, ease, and positivity. When I feel good about who I am, am confident that I can make desired changes easily, and believe I am likely to succeed, a happy New Year is assured.

Please reflect and share. What inner preparation would be helpful to support outer changes you want to make in life?