Sow your seeds.

We try to be good people, at least mostly. We want to have a positive impact on the world and on others.

Yet, it can seem there is so much darkness and hardship in life. It may feel like anything we can do would be inconsequential. We may wonder how much of an impact we might even have.

Creation moves slowly, by our frame of reference. Things evolve over billions of years, taking much longer than our potential lifespan of 100 years, likely at best. If our words or deeds impact only one person, and that person impacts another or two, over a longer span of time we may have considerable influence.

We just need patience and faith to understand that we matter, what we do, think, and say matters. Even the smallest kind remark or courtesy may have unexpected positive consequences. Simply changing our thinking our thoughts or beliefs to become less judgmental and more accepting has a beneficial effect on the collective energetic field.

Today’s message reminds me that helping others isn’t a matter of instant gratification. I simply need to do my best, be kind, care for myself and others, and know it is more than enough.

Please reflect and share. What small blessings do you have to offer Creation today?