Permanence is boredom.

We often have contradictory feelings. We may want to feel safe life, but also don’t want to be bored.

Our desire for security is in opposition to our need for novelty. If our life is unvaryingly stable, there is no serendipity in existence. When things change rapidly and unexpectedly, we feel unsafe and vulnerable.

Change is inevitable, no matter how much we might prize the safety of a rut. Without it we wouldn’t learn or grow and would be become as fossilized as our existence.

When we voluntarily embrace some change, we generate the momentum needed to stay vital and expansive. We can learn to flex more gracefully with uninvited events and also can choose to change our mind and attitudes, learning new skills, beliefs, and ways of being.

Today’s message reminds me to keep changing by choice. When I elect to evolve, I find my life more exciting and fulfilling.

Please reflect and share. How do you decide how much security/change is enough?