Be clear.

Sometimes we bend the truth or avoid airing it because we feel things will be simpler that way. We may not want conflict or may wish to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Often this delivers the desired outcome, at least partially. We may use this success to rationalize our lack of clear communication.

While it may not serve anyone’s best interest for us to be brutally honest, we usually don’t want to be dishonest by misstating or omitting things. If we make the attempt, we can usually find a way to be honest and kind.

There are tradeoffs for not being clear in our communication. Often the lack of clarity will come back to bite us. When we purposefully obfuscate, we build walls between ourselves and others, degrading our relationships.

Today’s message advises me to be both clear and kind in my words and deeds. When I speak with honesty and integrity, I build trust in my relationships.

Please reflect and share. When are you comfortable being flexible with the truth?