Recognize the good.

It’s all too easy to identify things we don’t like. Rude drivers, disobedient pets or children, inconsiderate friends or family, inclement weather, poorly prepared food, illness—our list could go on and on.

We don’t have to work to spot these dislikes. They seem to crop up regularly and are glaringly obvious to us.

Yet somehow, we don’t notice all the things that go right or are good on a daily basis. We have clean and comfortable clothes that fit us. Heat, electricity, and running water are fairly reliable. We usually have plenty to eat and drink, and often it’s something we might enjoy. People sometimes cede their place in line to us. Folks usually respond neutrally and often politely when we speak with them. Natural beauty is all around us. We’re mostly healthy.

Our good things list is nearly endless too. But these occurrences don’t seem to make as strong an impression on as our dislikes do.

We can change this by schooling ourselves to pay attention to the good. When we notice and savor pleasant occurrences, we train our brain to react to them more strongly. We take on a more positive mindset and thereby attract more of what we like.

Today’s message reminds me to appreciate and recognize all the goodness around me in life. When I praise the good and am grateful for it, it will be my constant companion in life.

Please reflect and share. Do you pay conscious attention to the good in your life?