Listen to yourself.

Most of us could do well to develop better listening skills. We often listen to respond to others rather than listen to understand them.

While we likely don’t do a great job of listening to others, we also may fail to listen to ourselves as well. We often may not pay attention to what we are saying, thinking, and feeling.

If we take an observer’s standpoint during conversations with others, particularly during emotionally charged interactions, we may be surprised by the actual words that come out of our mouth and the tone we employ. Paying attention to what we say and how we say it may provide insight into buried or unacknowledged feelings we may have.

Noting our thoughts, even those we never utter or act upon, may reveal the beliefs and emotions that drive us. These core beliefs and feelings often shape how we perceive life.

Being open to our feelings, particularly the uncomfortable ones, can bring us more closely in touch with our core self and motivations. Listening to our gut sense and heart sense can also offer additional valuable input into situations, data and realizations that might never arise from our reasoning self.

Today’s message invites me to up my listening skills, particularly when it comes to listening to myself. When I pay attention to what I say, think, feel, and sense, I align my words and actions with my true self.

Please reflect and share. Do you do a good job of listening to yourself?