Gratitude: it’s what for dinner.

Some days seem to suck. we hope not to repeat them. Others are a series of splendid occurrences, shining brightly in our memory. What’s the difference between the two?

For the most part, how we perceive something is how we receive it. If we see an event as bad we feel that way about it. Similarly, if we view something as wonderful it feels that way to us. Our appreciation (or lack thereof) of life colors our experience of it.

Additionally, when we have strong emotions around an event, we tend to perpetuate that pattern in our energy field. So, we’ll revisit what we hate. We’ll also get another helping of what we appreciate. Gratitude gets us more of what we’re thankful for.

Today’s message invites me to feast on what I enjoy in life by appreciating the good things–minor and major. When I’m grateful, I order up more of the same for myself.

Please reflect and share. What are you grateful for today?