Bless your resistance. It shows where you are stuck.

Things just can rub us the wrong way. We can sense our hackles going up and our heels digging in. No, just no.

Sometimes the intensity of our reaction can surprise us. We didn’t know in advance how strongly we’d be affected. Obviously, we have some sort of hot button.

It’s uncomfortable when we suddenly react so strongly. We may not feel like ourselves and we may be embarrassed if others see us out of control. We likely wish we might have reacted differently.

We can’t get in a time machine and undo what happened. But we can mine the event for treasure. Our resistance shows us that there is something uncomfortable and unhealed within us. It’s like emotional scar tissue, preventing us from moving through life smoothly.

If we allow ourselves time to be introspective, we can learn the whys and hows of our resistance. Hopefully, improved self-understanding and compassion will allow us to find an easier way to navigate similar circumstances in the future.

Today’s message invites me to become self-observant when I feel resistance welling up inside me. My blocks show me where and how I can love myself more completely.

Please reflect and share. What has had you feeling resistant recently?