Rebalance and move one.

Sometimes we’re thrown off balance either physically, mentally, or emotionally. We may be caught unaware or underestimate the impact of events.

We struggle; we stumble; we may even fall—literally or physically. Eventually, we try to move on. But before we do so, it’s best to rebalance ourselves. Contemplation to figure out how we might help ourselves be more resilient to instability can help prevent further occurrences.

Today’s message suggests that as part of my personal toolchest, it’s wise to have techniques at the ready to deal with anything that might be destabilizing. Stretching and balance exercises, meditation, self-reflection, alternating work and chores with play an relaxation, and emotional release techniques all can assist me to achieve improved balance with life’s ups and downs.

Please reflect and share. What techniques do you already use and what ones might you adopt to improve your personal balance?