Shape your reality with love.

All of us are creators whether we realize it or not. We generate our experiences with our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

If we potentiate a desired outcome by picturing it clearly and regularly or if we worry our way to something we’d rather avoid, wherever our attention is, energy flows. We manifest both consciously and unconsciously.

We use two basic emotions in driving the thoughts that shape our reality—fear or love—whether we’re aware of this or not. If this creation mechanism occurs with or without our volition, the sane choice is to align our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions with love. That choice will lead us to generate more positive outcomes.

Today’s message advises me to keep my thoughts and emotions centered on love and gratitude. I bake the cake of my existence in this way and adding energetic sweetener to the batter will improve the product.

Please reflect and share. How are you shaping your reality?