Love wants to be shared.

There are so many different ways we love—romantic, familial, parental, friendly, and more–other people. And then we love pets, our homes and yards, our vehicles, and yes, chocolate. The Greeks even had separate words to differentiate the various types of love.

When we love someone or something, we feel good. We’re processing our appreciation through our heart, giving us a warm fuzzy. Whether we’re having a romantic tryst or indulging in a favorite dessert, our happiness expresses itself in loving the experience.

When we share our love and gratitude with others, it multiplies. Telling someone we love them, expressing our enjoyment to a companion at a concert, having a fine meal with a friend, or just feeling super thankful when we have a peaceful cup of coffee by ourselves all are ways in which we communicate our love to all of Creation.

The more we share our love in positive ways, the more we tune into the vibe of gratitude. We’re happier folks when we’re thankful and loving.

Today’s message asks me to share with others the love I experience in everyday occurrences. In sharing it with others, I magnify love’s impact in me.

Please reflect and share. What or whom might you love and appreciate right now?