What you don’t use weighs you down.

For years, I’ve been collecting shawls. Today I decided to get rid of half of them.

I’d been looking for additional space to store yarn and realized that I hadn’t worn many of the shawls in over a year. I need the space to store yarn for my crochet hobby. Making crocheted items makes me happy, owning shawls I don’t wear not so much so.

The relief I felt when I removed the shawls from the drawer in which they had been stored and saw the resultant empty space was remarkable. The memories and assumptions about myself associated with the shawls were weighing me down.

It may be that I’ll need to sort through and editorialize my yarn collection in the future. But knowing how easy the act of removing the shawls was, I’m less likely to have resistance slow me down.

Today’s message reminds me that if I’m not using something, I may not need it. I can lighten my load by divesting myself of the past.

Please reflect and share. What might it benefit you to toss or donate?