We all need to be free.

My late Siamese Orion was an invaluable assistant in my animal communication sessions. He still is. He introduces himself thus: “My name is Orion, Consulting Cat.”

In working with shy, mistreated, or untamed cats, he would tell his backstory and extol the virtues of being a free cat, which he defined as living with a human who loved and cared for you and let you be fully yourself.

It’s a splendid way to live—certain you will have enough and have all your basic physical and emotional needs fulfilled, sure of the care you need to support good health, assured of being loved, safe to be exactly yourself.

This is something we all need to thrive: to be free to be ourselves and supported for who we are. Whatever our lifestyle, beliefs, preferences, or differences, we should have the ability to feel safe and loved.

Today’s message thanks me for allowing Orion to be a free cat. It also encourages me to let all beings be free and uplifted by life. I can certainly support others wherever possible and at the very least accept them as they are, where they are.

Please reflect and share. What changes of heart or attitude might you make to support others’ ability to live free lives?