Shift and shift again.

So far, this decade has been one of change for many of us. We lost jobs or changed how or where we were working. Our social lives were modified to accommodate COVID-19 precautions. We traveled less. How, when, and where we spent money altered.

All the change—largely involuntary—was stressful for us. Now that some of our strictures have eased up, it feels good to relax into an easier way of being. And this may be a bit deceptive.

Change is necessary for growth. All the involuntary shift, for the most part, made us finer people.

And now we hope to go back to the way things were previously. That can’t happen, because we have changed. Attempts to revert or even just stay stagnant simply won’t work well. All we can do is move forward. And that’s a good thing.

Today’s message reminds me that voluntary change is okay and even advisable. When I’m flexible to shift, I improve may ability to enjoy life and thrive.

Please reflect and share. What voluntary change might you embrace?