Satisfaction is an inside job.

We all have a wish list for our lives. Things we dream of or hope to achieve. Often, they are external goals like career, marriage, children, owning property, or fame and recognition.

Other things we feel we need relate solely to us. We have ideas about how we should be in order to feel happy. These goals may relate to fitness, weight, appearance, state of mind, or level of skill and education.

We may hope to receive validation from others when we achieve our goals. But even if we do, we still won’t feel happy unless we are satisfied—satisfied with our effort and its result, satisfied with who and how we are.

Today’s message invites me to bask in some self-satisfaction. It’s okay for me to want to strive sometimes. It’s also okay for me to relax back into who I am and how my life is. The now is sweeter when I appreciate myself and my existence.

Please reflect and share. What about you make you feel satisfied with yourself?