Easy does it.

Sometimes things we need to do seem intimidating. We may feel unprepared, as if we don’t know enough or have the needed funds, tools, or resources to accomplish what we hope to achieve.

The more we think about it, the harder the goal may seem. It can loom large in our mind, making it seem so tough we’re reluctant to even try.

If we’re willing to start and take one small, known step, we have mastered the hardest bit, which is our reluctance. Everything else between our beginning and the end result is just a series of small steps.

We don’t have to forge on relentlessly, if we don’t want to. We often can take the time we need to finish each portion of the goal. And we can take breaks.

However, if we feel reluctance overtaking us again, we may wish to push on with one small step forward. They key is an easy, confident, relaxed feeling about our progress and our goal.

Today’s message invites me to take one small, easy step toward a project I’ve been reluctant to start. Once I’ve begun, I just need to keep taking steps. It’s easy!

Please reflect and share. What small step might you take today toward a long-term accomplishment?