What we think about is what we get.

It’s hard not to be outraged these days. Regardless of our personal beliefs, there is plenty of controversy in the news currently. And inflammatory content yields viewers and sells subscriptions, so the stories we see and hear tend to be slanted in that vein.

We may or may not take action based on our convictions. But we certainly are likely to talk about them. We spout our views even when we surely know we aren’t convincing anyone with differing opinions.

We feel justified in expressing our thoughts. And all of our expression requires a certain focus and emphasis on thoughts about what we don’t like.

Our thoughts carry energy, which seeds itself into the quantum matrix. When we focus on what we don’t like, we’re reinforcing its existence now and in the future.

Today’s message suggests I am best served by spending more time thinking about what I do like and wish to help create. When I put my attention on what I want, I am far more likely to get it.

Please reflect and share. What thought patterns would it help you to jettison?