Watch for unexpected beauty.

Preparing to write this post, I was waiting empty for a message to come to me. As I gazed blankly out the window, I noticed unusual movement on the trunk of the tree ahead of me.

I shook my head and stared some more. The fluttering persisted. It was occurring mostly on the verge of the back of the trunk, outside of my range of vision.

As I now watched carefully, the movement resolved itself into a butterfly. My friend swooped toward the window ahead of me and then flew off.

I was thrilled. We don’t get to see as many butterflies as we used to some years ago. It was a rare and precious occurrence, one that I would have missed if my curiosity hadn’t forced me to slow down and home in my focus on a seemingly small but inexplicable occurrence.

Today’s message reminds me that beauty and surprises are always all around me. When I am open and willing to observe wonder, it is right there in front of me.

Please reflect and share. What beauty might await you in this moment?