Do what you say. Say what you mean.

Communications can easily become snarled between us. We all can see examples of this on the national stage as well as in our personal lives.

People say one thing and do another. Statements are made that incompletely reflect the truth or even warp it. This can leave us uncertain about where and how things actually stand.

While we might wish that we could, we cannot make others be reliable and honest. We can only hope they understand how these qualities make things easier and more functional.

We can, however, try to embody these attributes in our own behavior. When we are forthright, authentic, and communicate clearly, we improve situations by at least 50%. We may also encourage others to do so as well, when they see the benefits of our actions and words.

Today’s message advises me to be straight up and clear, both with myself and others. When I am real and communicate well, I will feel better about any situation.

Please reflect and share. How might you improve your integrity and expression?