Our senses don’t lie, but our interpretation of them may be skewed.

We usually feel sure of what we experience personally. “I saw it with my own eyes.” I know what I heard.”

Certainly, our sensory input isn’t faulty (unless our sense of taste has been impacted by COVID-19). Our brain does receive signals from what goes on around us.

However, how our mind evaluates those inputs shapes their impact and meaning for us. Subconscious memories, remembered past experiences, and thought and belief patterns all influence how we receive what our senses deliver to us.

This is why two individuals experiencing the same situation can have very different takes on what actually occurred.

Today’s message advises me that when events are upsetting to me, I may wish to strip off my interpretation and get back to the basic sensory inputs of the scenario. When I receive just the facts, I can then choose how I will experience them.

Please reflect and share. What do you do when a situation seems hauntingly familiar?