Outer signs reflect inner stirrings.

From time-to-time life presents us with a sign. We see, hear, or feel something that is an unmistakable portent.

Song lyrics on the radio, chance sighting of a rare bird, a rainbow, a sharp twinge of pain or a sudden feeling of well-being—our sign might be one of these or something else entirely. Whatever it is, it is clear to us. We get the message.

But how and why do these omens come to us? What generates them?

The brain is only one of our organs of cognition. Our gut and our heart also register things, usually before our mind will recognize them. We may not even notice our gut or hear sensations, and if we don’t, our subconscious mind cooperates with Creation to send us the message in a more tangible form, one that is harder to ignore.

Today’s message reminds me that everything starts within. My subconscious mind and Creation work together to send me meaningful and clear signs, indicators of what I need to know right now.

Please reflect and share. What unusual portent have you noticed recently?