Tell it to the wind.

Sometimes what we want feels so much bigger than us. We have a dream or goal but is seems so far away. Or there’s something we’d like to see different in the world, but the issue seems so vast that we can’t affect it.

We can feel powerless in these circumstances. It may seem like anything we might do will have no impact.

And yet, there is something very powerful that we can do anywhere at any time. We can visualize and we can propagate our vision.

When we feel gratitude in advance for the outcome we want to see, we claim it energetically. We can imagine it in broad detail and then feel all the satisfaction and thankfulness we can muster, as if our wish is reality right now.

And then we can breathe our vision and grateful feeling out onto the wind, to be carried across our planet. We breathe life into our imagining and then allow it to be seeded across physical reality by the wind.

Today’s message reminds me that there is great power both in me and in the elemental forces of nature. When I make the wind my conscious ally, I both acknowledge and respect its power and also make of it an ally.

Please reflect and share. What would you want to tell the wind?