Every day is auspicious in some way.

We all have lucky days. A chance, happy encounter, a winning lottery ticket, a goal being unexpectedly reached—there are a variety of occurrences we perceive as lucky.

We feel that our luck implies surprise blessings and gifts that arrive without our effort. And this does happen memorably on certain days for each of us.

However, every day when viewed closely has its unanticipated boons. These often are small things—a sudden break in traffic when we have to change lanes, an overheard conversation or podcast that contains precisely the information we need, the appearance of a rainbow or favorite bird. And yet, they all are miracles in their own ways.

Today’s message invites me to look for the good, major and minor, in everyday life. When I can recognize all my many daily blessings, I feel wealthy and lucky indeed!

Please reflect and share. What good thing happened for you today?