Positivity attracts luck.

Sometimes we may feel ill-fated. We may find it hard to dig out from what we think of as misfortune or bad luck.

Things seemingly go wrong, perhaps more than one at a time. Often, when we get thoroughly upset about one mishap, another follows on its tail ratcheting up our frustration. It can be challenging to shift our mood.

Yet, this is what will help us attract something different. When we try to find something, anything, to appreciate in our circumstances, our mood lightens. A dose of positivity makes our difficulties easier to shoulder.

Our circumstances haven’t changed, but our outlook has. We realize that our lives won’t be unending misfortune. Good things are coming and will happen. Some good things are even present right now.

Today’s message reminds me that a positive outlook improves any and all circumstances. When I’m willing to see and acknowledge good things, they will come looking for me.

Please reflect and share. Do you have a positive outlook?