Know your worth.

Too often, we may not be satisfied with how people and life treat us. We can feel disregarded, undervalued, or unsupported. It’s painful and we may not know what to do to change these interactions.

A good place to start is to look within. If we don’t think we’re worthy, others never will. We project our feeling of lack of value outward, resulting in circumstances in which we’re in some way shorted.

We all have innate value as part of a divine whole of interconnected conscious love. Seeing as we arise from love, how can we not be worthy?

If we don’t feel that way, we may want to understand why so that we can change the script of our life. When we are confident in our value, we attract situations in which we’re honored. Others will treat us with respect, if only we respect ourselves first.

Today’s message invites me to be humbly self-confident. It’s not that I’m better than anyone else. It’s that we are all worthy and perfect in interconnected conscious love.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel worthy?