We live as we think.

All of us want to be happy. Why wouldn’t we? We hope for and seek experiences that will make us feel good.

What some of us may not realize is the connection between the thought processes going on inside of us and the events that go on around us.

Our thoughts affect the quantum field of possibilities just like we order items in a restaurant. If our thoughts are about failure, bingo we’ll be served up situations in which we can easily fail. Similarly, if we think about and ponder success positively, we’ll likely find it easier to succeed.

As an experiment, we can mentally note how often we think of people or situations negatively. Then we can observe what goes on around us in response to our thoughts. We might be surprised how often we anticipate and then find the unpleasant.

We also can try the same exercise with positive and grateful thoughts. We will likely find that when we focus on what’s good and feel grateful, we’ll naturally attract more of the same.

Today’s message invites me to think my way to creating days I will enjoy. When I put my mind to recognizing the good and being thankful, I generate a series of happy and fulfilling experiences.

Please reflect and share. How do your thoughts characterize your life?