Experience is built of consciousness.

We mostly understand that our mindset influences how we feel about life. If we’ve gotten up on the wrong side of bed, so to speak, we will have a bad day unless we perform a mental reset.

If we feel negatively about an upcoming event, it likely won’t go well. Similarly, a positive attitude can help us enjoy what’s going on around us.

In a larger sense, how we experience life is predicated by our beliefs and thoughts, our general consciousness. If our pervading mindset is that the world is a dangerous place and people can’t be trusted, we’ll attract experiences that support our beliefs.

When our consciousness is focused on love and divine interconnection, our experience will uphold that level of consciousness, too. When we choose our level of consciousness, we choose our experience.

Today’s message reminds me to keep my consciousness consistent with what I want to experience. A daily consciousness-raising practice will help me stay in a sweet spot of existence.

Please reflect and share. What activities do you feel help raise your level of consciousness?