No one is ever truly lost unless they are forgotten.

Most of us have experienced the loss of a loved one or close companion. The grief can be soul-searing. The loss weights on us heavily, darkening our mood and sucking the joy out of life. It can feel unsupportable.

We long to have them back in our lives and may feel we’d give anything to be with them again. Unfortunately, that’s not to be.

We may not want to acknowledge their physical absence fully, because it only makes their loss more real. But we can’t turn the clock back. Their physical loss is a fact.

However, their effect on us and others is never really gone. Their presence in our lives has changed us and hopefully refined us, leaving us better for knowing them. We may also see them live on in others—a turn of phrase, an expression, their finer traits and behaviors carried on.

Today’s message invites me to keep my memories of passed loved ones bright and shining. In remembering their goodness and greatness, I help them live on in me and others.

Please reflect and share. How do you honor your passed loved ones?