Reason can’t solve everything.

When we think of sound decision-making, facts and figures and logic and clear-headedness likely spring to mind. We like to believe we make sound and reasoned choices.

It certainly is important to weigh out pros and cons and take all pertinent data into account when we make decisions. And part of the relevant information is how we feel about the matter.

To make good decisions we can be comfortable with longer-term, we need to consult our hearts. The most logical choice won’t work for us if we don’t feel right about it. Our intuition and gut sense will inform our hearts, and our feelings about a situation will reflect our inner senses.

Today’s message reminds me to use both logic and feelings to make decisions. When I engage both my conscious and subconscious mind in weighing my choices, I work with the most complete set of data to choose.

Please reflect and share. Do you consult your heart when making decisions?