Meet obstacles with grace.

We all end up stymied at one time or another. Situations don’t go our way; we make mistakes; others’ actions block us. We end up with something we didn’t want and don’t like.

Our reactions to the obstacle can vary. We blame others or shame ourselves. We rail against Creation. Or we go inert in defeat, giving up on what we wanted. All of these responses are natural to humans. And all of them don’t improve our experience.

It’s hard and it takes practice but trying to accept what has occurred with good grace positions us ideally to move on toward something we might prefer. Our calm, neutral stance frees us from any attachment to what we don’t want. It gives us the opportunity to begin again without negative emotional impediments.

There’s a lesson in these types of circumstances, and often what we need to learn is how to let go and trust. When we’re willing to believe that all occurrences are in some—however minute—way for our benefit, we grow stronger, wiser, and more positive. We don’t have to like what happened, but we can certainly use it to help ourselves going forward.

Today’s message invites me to let life’s challenges refine me. When I come to all aspects of life with grace, I find happiness and goodness in unexpected ways.

Please reflect and share. What current situation could benefit from an application of your grace?