A grave is just a place.

Today I was kneeling on my cat Orion’s grave in our side-yard shade garden, cleaning up dead stalks and debris. I mentally reached out to him (on the other side) and received an immediate response.

“Momma, a grave is just a place. A relationship is a space, a space you hold in your heart for the one you love. No matter where you are, we are together always.”

His words were a potent reminder that a loving connection is eternal. When we truly love someone—human or otherwise—nothing, not even death, can affect that love. Our relationship may end or the one we love may die, but our love lives on in our memories and caring.

Today’s message from my wise Orion asks me to see past the tangible reminders of him—photos, his favorite blanket, his beloved stuffed animal companion—to the ongoing love that connects us. I am always together with the ones I love, in my heart.

Please reflect and share. What beings who are passed do you hold fresh and lovingly in your heart?