Realizing our worth, we value everything more.

Most of us struggle with self-worth issues, at least some of the time. We are hard on ourselves. Having harsh expectations for ourselves, we may put ourselves down if we fail to meet them. We focus more on our faults than our gifts. Liking and loving ourselves may feel like a stretch.

We may find it easier to like others. But even then, our affection for them may be conditional. As long as we agree with them and their actions, we find it easier to approve of others.

In divine interconnection, we are all perfect parts of an interconnected whole. We all have value and are worthy. We are all unique and beautiful.

It may feel hard to view ourselves that way, but until we can offer ourselves unconditional love, we will be incapable to giving it to others. To see the divinity in others we must first recognize it in ourselves.

When we understand we are divine and perfect, we understand that everyone and everything is divine and perfect, too. We love ourselves and we love all of life. We honor ourselves and all Creation in this way.

Today’s message invites me to work on my self-appreciation. When I love myself more thoroughly, I’ll find more in life to love.

Please reflect and share. Do you value yourself?