Want versus need generates dissatisfaction.

Most of us have most of what we need. However, most of us also have a long list of wants. We feel that our lives would be appreciably better if we had more of what we desire.

We likely have enough to eat and drink, a safe place to lay our heads, and a reasonable level of health. These are our basic needs. What we dream of for ourselves is usually much grander. We may desire love, career success, fame, wealth, possessions, or recognition. Yet none of these are truly essential to basic physical existence.

Our focus on what we don’t have leads us to disregard what we do have. And most of us have abundance in our lives far in excess of our basic needs. But we may feel our lives are lacking because we don’t have everything we want.

This is where gratitude helps. Thankfulness keeps our focus on the richness we do have. When our awareness is centered on enjoying what’s at hand, we aren’t focused on what we feel might be lacking. Gratitude consciousness strengthens our sense of abundance in the moment.

Today’s message suggests I pay careful attention to noticing all the wonderful things present in my life. The more I am appreciative, the richer I feel.

Please reflect and share. What are you grateful for right now?