Time isn’t as important as presence.

We live busy lives. Even with pandemic restrictions, we may not have as much time with loved ones as we might wish. We have an ideal of generous quality time with those we care for. And often we may fall short, being diverted by other obligations and distractions.

Sometimes, it isn’t how long we spend with someone as much as HOW we spend the time with them. Are we focused on them and what they’re expressing? Are we keyed into their needs? Are we doing our best to make our interactions with them kind, positive, and loving?

Today’s message reminds me to make the most of whatever time I spend with others. Being truly present in my interactions with them rather than affording them half-hearted attention will help ensure that we have true quality time together. The best gift I can give someone is my loving focus.

Please reflect and share. Do you give others your full attention?