Is it worth the attention?

Sometimes we get caught up in things. Our emotions or our curiosity is piqued and our focus dives into the matter at hand.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The joy of discovering or learning something new or exciting is certainly healthy, and fun too.

But when we get caught up in something that upsets us or feeds our inner demons, the intense focus can become problematic. We can spiral down into a funk or addictive pattern.

When we simply can’t let a situation go or find we resent anything that takes us away from our chosen activity, it may be time to take a breath and evaluate. Is our tight focus healthy? Is the matter worth our concerted attention?

Today’s message invites me to ensure that I devote my time and attention to things and events that are healthy and make me happy. I get to choose how I want to spend my life and focus.

Please reflect and share. Is your focus where you might choose it to be?