Cultivating awareness makes life juicier.

Some days feel like we’re slogging through life. Other days life is bland or boring. Then there are the halcyon days when all feels fraught with magic and meaning. They occur less frequently than we’d like.

Although it seems a basic exercise, we may not ponder what differentiates these types of days from each other. Not having given it much thought, we may lack awareness of what truly brings us joy.

The start of a fresh year is a perfect time to develop awareness of our happiness. We can do so by reviewing the past and also by making mental notes in the current moment. What has or is bringing us joy and inspiration? What leaves us feeling depleted or lackluster? We can set an intention to devote more time to the former and less to the latter.

Developing awareness in the now also helps us enjoy it more fully. What’s that enticing smell? Is that sound a bird singing or is someone whistling? What kind of clouds make up that luscious sunset? Curiosity is our ally in noticing and savoring the myriad small splendors of life.

Today’s message invites me to become more aware of the beauty of everyday life. It also reminds me to use self-awareness to create my life and optimize my happiness. Life is too short to waste it by not being curious or by not pursuing happiness.

Please reflect and share. In the current moment, what might bring you joy?