When you feel something good, magnify it!

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We sometimes have the habit of making things larger than they actually are. This is particularly true of the bad things—situations or people we dislike and events we’d rather not have had occur. When we encounter the unpleasant or painful, we can cling to and dramatize it, carving out more space for it in our awareness than it might otherwise occupy.

We may have a tendency to take the opposite approach with the desirable. While we hopefully note and enjoy pleasant occurrences in the moment, we may not focus on them to savor their presence longer. Unfortunately, the bad memories may occupy more of our psyche than the good.

Today’s message comes to me courtesy of my passed cat Jasper. He was a sweet, gentle, charming rescued Russian Blue who had a difficult past. In his years with us, he wrung every ounce of happiness out of the smallest of pleasures.

He serves as an excellent role model for me, advising me to heighten my awareness of the everyday good all around me. When I celebrate happy occurrences, however small, I multiply my joy and increase my capacity to love life.

How about you? Do you magnify the good?