Beauty is truth.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Beauty is often easy to find in simple things—a sunset, a rainbow, a flower in first bloom, a baby’s smile. It can be harder to see in more complex situations, in despoiled nature, in flawed human adults (as we all seem to be).

This is because we apprehend life through the lens of separation consciousness. We believe that we and all other beings and things are broken and incomplete, apart from the divine. In truth, all of Creation is divinely interconnected in conscious love. All is love; all is beautiful; all is perfect exactly as it is.

Today’s message reminds me that beauty is always present. If I fail to recognize it, it is because I am viewing life through faulty assumptions. When I see Creation as it sees itself, everything is beautiful (in its own way).

How about you? What is beautiful to you?