Love is the eternal truth.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We tend to be truth seekers. We want to know what’s true and real, what is non-negotiable and non-conditional in life. We may look for truth in different ways—art, music, literature, relationships, money, religion, science. Whatever our approach, we’re hunting for certainty and safety.

What we think of as truth can be conditional. It can vary with our perceptions. It looks different at other levels of conscious awareness. Even what we think of as unqualified, like scientific constants such as gravity, does not apply in different dimensional levels with physical matter. What then, if anything, can we rely on to be eternally true?

Today’s message reminds me that love is the one thing that is unchanging and omnipresent. It forms the basis for all existence on all levels. The more I allow myself to love freely and unreservedly, the more joy and certainty I will find in life. Love is my (and everyone else’s) superpower!

How about you? What is always true for you?