Enjoyment is like sprinkles on top of accomplishment.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We like to get things done. There’s a sense of self-satisfaction when we complete a task or project, particularly if it was long or onerous. We’re usually pleased with our work and the end result.

But during the process, we may feel differently. If the chore is something we have to do, we may resent the effort involved. Our resistance may make the time spent seem to drag. We look forward to being done but certainly don’t enjoy the labor required.

Today’s message invites me to find ways to be happy during tasks, even involuntary ones. I can listen to music, shift my attitude, have a healthy snack, wear a favorite essential oil—whatever it takes to make the experience positive. Any moment of my life is too precious to be spent in perceived drudgery or simply enduring the situation. I choose to be happy while accomplishing things.

How about you? How do you make chores more enjoyable?