Life is layered.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

In life, we tend to receive events as they occur in the moment and where we’re at conceptually—here’s what is happening right now and this is how we think and feel about it. It keeps our comprehension simple and based on our present perceptions. This way of experiencing is like being able to taste only one layer of a cake at once. We don’t get the full flavor, just a portion of it.

In divine reality, there are differing ways of experiencing based on our dimensional level of perception. This dimensional structure is perceptually based. Everything is happening here and now on all levels. Our conscious awareness determines how or at what level we experience. All of our possible perceptions are valid and true, depending on our level of consciousness.

Today’s message invites me to play with the multi-layered nature of existence. I have the option to elect how I experience life by choosing my mindset. If life is not to my liking in the moment, I can alter my lens of perception to view it differently. I am in charge of the nature of my perceptual platform.

How about you? Do you play with perception?

For more on the nature of perception in dimensional structure, please see Chapter 18, “Dimensional Structure and Its Purpose“, in my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.”