Present circumstances are the best circumstances.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Only rarely are we completed satisfied with our lives. Usually there’s at least on aspect of our present conditions we’d wish to change. Sometimes we’d want to have major alterations, other times there are only minor tweaks we’d like to see. But having everything ideal almost never happens.

While the flaws in the fabric of our lives can be frustrating and disillusioning, they also serve a major purpose. Our challenges give us the opportunity to expand our skills and understanding. They keep us fresh and our lives relevant. Without imperfections, our existence could feel pointless.

Today’s message invites me to consider that whatever my circumstances, they are optimal to bring out the best in me. This means that at any given time, all is exactly as it is supposed to be and in my best interests. Creation always presents me with exactly what I need.

How about you? What do your current circumstances offer you?