We receive things when we think we’re ready.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We sometimes wonder why we don’t get the things we desire. A romantic relationship, a promotion at work, a lucky break, personal opportunities—we may want them but somehow they just don’t gel for us. It can be puzzling. We’re not quite sure what to do to improve our chances.

Subconsciously, we may be the hold up. We may be frightened of changes needed to meet our goal. Success may scare us. Or we may feel somehow unworthy.

Alternatively, our intuition may sense that now is not the best time for us to achieve our desire. There may be other upcoming situations that will require more of our focus. Other factors that would enhance our success may not be in play yet. Or there may be mental or emotional shifts we need to make to be open to and ready for our goal.

Today’s message remind me that Creation and my inner guidance collaborate to generate divine timing for me. If it seems my goal unaccountably eludes me, I will want to go internal to ensure I’m not throwing up unconscious roadblocks. When I’ve resolved any possible personal issues, I will need to trust that divine timing is in my best interests. I achieve what I desire at the perfect time for me.

How about you? Do you ever get in the way of your desires?