Help is there when we need it.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We all need a little assistance from time to time. This may take the form of moral support, help with a project, a financial boost, or someone to lend their insight to a thorny decision. We may or may not be comfortable asking for or receiving the assistance. For stubbornly independent folks like me, this can present a challenge.

A further complication is that the help we receive may not be precisely the help we wanted. We’re somehow under the illusion that we can order and organize the efforts of those who assist us. This is not to say that we don’t get the help we need (provided we’re willing to accept it). What we want and what we need may vary, sometimes widely.

Today’s message reminds me that help sometimes comes in unexpected forms. When I’m grateful in advance for needed assistance, I unlock both Creations’ ability to provide and my willingness to receive. I trust Creation offers me all I need for a good life.

How about you? Are you comfortable accepting help?