Effort is our investment in the outcome.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Sometimes when we want something, we hope it will somehow just magically appear. And sometimes this actually does happen, but mostly it doesn’t. We usually need to have some skin in the game for a desired outcome to occur. An investment of our effort is required.

We may think of effort as physical exertion or striving toward a goal, but it also can take other forms. Visualization, gratitude in advance, trust, and faith can also represent personal investment, helping us achieve a desire through our positive focus. We don’t so much need to continually strain toward an end result as keep our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions aligned with what we want.

Today’s message suggests that my focus is an integral ingredient in the recipe for my dreams. Ensuring that I don’t engage in fear or doubt and that I keep what actions I take in line with what I want will help me manifest with less strain. The correct and consistent focus is more important in achieving my goals than volume of effort.

How about you? What’s your most important contribution to your dreams?