Timing and alignment.

Those of us with fuel-based automotive vehicles likely know that correct timing and alignment are important to their optimal function. The engine needs to fire reliably and smoothly, and the wheels and steering apparatus need to easily turn toward where we want to go.

We may not think of these qualities in relation to our lives, but they do apply. Timing and alignment are both important to our goals and dreams.

We need to know when to be patient and when to act to get our efforts firing on all cylinders. That’s timing.

We also need to be in alignment with our goals and dreams to reach them. That likely means a change in us rather than a change in the rest of Creation. We need to be able to steer ourselves accurately and evenly toward what we want.

Today’s message invites me to ponder how timing and alignment may be affecting my visions and hopes. When I learn when to be patient and when to act decisively, and when I am willing to align my beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions to my goals, I’ll be optimally effective.

Please reflect and share. How well do you feel you are doing with timing and alignment?