We want what makes us feel less broken.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We all have wants. They’re individual; my wants are likely somewhat different than yours. They aren’t the basic needs like food, shelter, health, and safety. Our wants are the things we believe would make us feel happier, more fulfilled, and complete.

Sometimes our wants are experiential, like a bucket list item or a desired relationship. Often they are material—a house, a particular, car, money required to live a wished-for lifestyle. Somehow, even if we get our wants fulfilled, we still feel lacking. That’s because we’re trying to fill and interior wound with exterior stuff.

Our sense of brokenness and lack arises, at the most basic level, from the separation consciousness underlying third-dimensional reality. Our prevalent mindset has us believing we are separate from the divine and all other beings and things, essentially flawed and incomplete. This leads us to feel lack, to mistrust others, and to try to salve our hurt with relationships and material stuff.

Today’s message suggests I take a good look at my list of wants. This exercise can provide clues to how separation consciousness inhabits my psyche. Awareness coupled with practices that enhance my sense of interconnection will help me feel my inherent completeness and perfection more fully. I am a representation of perfect, divine, conscious love.

How about you? What helps you feel more complete?